Advocating for the rights of all young children to play and learn outdoors. Supporting place-based education and experiences for families in nature by nourishing connection and a sense of community. Promoting time in nature and creative play for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Supporting local efforts to develop and maintain beautiful, green spaces for children. Connecting young children to the important spaces and places of their childhoods, where learning and growing happens naturally.

Healthy Children, Healthy Forests

We believe that childhood should be filled with magic, wonder, and a whole lot of play! We also know that time in nature and outdoor play is essential to the health and well-being of all young children. We are a community based non-profit organization committed to our region's youngest citizens, ages 0-6, and their families.

Saving Childhood

Joined by the mothers, fathers, relatives, caregivers, and community partners, our hope is for a future where childhood is protected as a vital and precious time for learning and growing, in nature and beyond.

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Where We Are

Our educational programs are located on both public and private lands throughout the greater Maple Valley area, including the cities of Renton, Issaquah, Kent, Hobart, Enumclaw, and Auburn, WA.

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